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Why do I need to contribute towards Pension?

The Government wants to encourage us to save for our retirement. So, every employer, including us, must enroll their workers in a qualifying pension scheme. This is called automatic enrolment.

Bradleys has joined forces with Nest Pension, you will automatically be opted into Nest Pension on this date if you meet the below criteria:

• You’re at least 22 years old
• You’re under State Pension age
• You earn more than the £10,000 per annum (equal to £768 per month or £192 per week)
• You usually work in the UK

Once an employee has been automatically enrolled into the pension scheme, they can stay enrolled if they wish to, however, they also have the opportunity to opt out within a set time period or leave the scheme at a later date. Details of how to opt out will be contained in your joining pack which will be supplied by The Nest Pensions. Paying into a pension provides financial stability for your future. With Bradleys as your employer, you can feel secure knowing that we will make the automatic enrolment process simple and seamless.

For more information, please contact your dedicated Accounts Manager.

You can get more information about automatic enrolment at:

You can get more information about The NEST Pension at:

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