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Umbrella company services for contractors
We offer a payroll solution which enables you to get paid for your contracting work on a PAYE basis. This is ideal for any temp worker who does short term contractual projects or want to avoid the hassle of operating a limited company.
Choice of services
We work closely with recruitment agencies of various sectors to ensure prompt payments for the workers, and also comply with other formalities such as the agency working regulations.
Experienced team
Your appointed client manager and our highly skilled staff will manage your assignments, raise invoices, reimburse business expenses, handle payments and run payroll without any hassle.
Compliant service
We ensure our contracts are in line with HMRC regulations and take care of all applicable taxes and administration on your behalf, as with permanent employee.
Dedicated customer service
Our dedicated support team is in the office from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday to take your calls, deal with your emails and generally help you. If it is more convenient, we can arrange to talk to you outside of our office hours.
Competitively-priced, without any hidden charges
We will provide you with a weekly PAYE payroll for £13.00 per week, irrespective of the number of timesheets you submit during the week. There are no set up or exit charges and registration online takes 2-3 minutes. We also don’t have any notice periods.
Agency services
We look after end-to-end contractor payroll requirements of all the agencies recruiters we work with in the UK.

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