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What is Bradleys Payroll Solutions?

We offer a payroll solution which enables you to get paid for your contracting work on a PAYE basis. We will assume you are working under Supervision, Direction or Control, you will be paid with no tax relief and we will deduct the tax and National Insurance due against your earnings. You can claim tax relief against your expenses at the end of the financial year to remember to keep your receipts.

This is an ideal solution for any temp worker who is doing short term contractual projects or does not want the hassle of operating a limited company. The payroll solution ensures that you don’t have to worry about complicated legislations such as agency legislation, MSC legislation and IR35.

If you join Bradleys Payroll Solutions, you become a direct employee, undertaking a variety of roles that suit your skills and abilities. We can provide services for contractors working in all sectors but have particular knowledge of healthcare, IT, education and social work. And as your employer, we will liaise with your agency and end client to ensure that all details regarding your work have been gathered and then take care of the administrative work to make sure you are paid accurately and in a timely manner.

You will receive a net payment in your account after deductions of tax and National Insurance.

Is Bradleys Payroll Solutions right for you?

This payroll solution may not be highly tax efficient, but it does offer a “hassle free” way to contract. So contractors who are still testing the water or are into short-term contracts, working on a short term basis for multiple agencies or do not earn sufficient amounts to make setting up a limited company worthwhile, will find it useful.

Benefits of Bradleys Payroll Solutions

Absolutely risk free
Pay the right amount of tax and National Insurance as per your tax code
Simpler process with no or little paperwork
Good option if you're really just in between permanent jobs
Quick set up and easy-to-use

Which expenses can you claim?
Most contractors will be aware of the changes introduced by HMRC from 6 April 2016, whereby contractors who are subject to, or to a right of, supervision, direction and control when providing their services, can no longer offset their travel to and from the place of work and their subsistence expenses against their tax.However, you might be eligible to claim certain expenses through self-assessment or form P87 at the end of tax year.
Not a suitable option if your contracts are longer than 24-months.
How much does it cost?
We will provide you with a weekly PAYE payroll for £10.00 per week, irrespective of the number of timesheets you submit during the week.

Services we offer

We believe that there is little point in spending long hours managing invoices, payroll and tax when they can be better invested in getting more work done and generating revenue or even relaxing.

Choice of services

We work closely with recruitment agencies of various sectors to ensure prompt payments for the workers, and also comply with other formalities such as the agency working regulations.

Dedicated customer service

Our dedicated support team is in the office from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday to take your calls, deal with your emails and generally help you. If it is more convenient, we can arrange to talk to you outside of our office hours.

Experienced team

Your appointed client manager and our highly skilled staff will manage your assignments, raise invoices, reimburse business expenses, handle payments and run payroll without any hassle.

Zero registration fees, no exit charges and no notice periods

We don’t believe in escalating costs. What you see is what you get. There are no set up or exit charges and registration online takes 2-3 minutes.

Compliant service

We ensure our contracts are in line with HMRC regulations and also help you to claim any tax relief against any expenses you are eligible to at the end of the financial year.

Help claiming your expenses

Because you won't be offsetting your expenses against your tax during the year, you will need to do this at the end of the financial year - either using form P87 or through self-assessment. We can help you to do this for a set fee of £100 + VAT.

Fixed fee agreed in advance. Save against your current fees.
Delivery date agreed in advance. Faster turnaround every time.
If you are not happy with our service, pay what you think is fair.